About Us

Who We Are?

One of India's best known brands and the world's largest matrimonial service was founded with a simple objective - to help people find happiness. The company pioneered online matrimonial in 2017 and continues to lead the exciting matrimony category.

At manamarry.com we know that the bachelors and bachelorhood of the 21st century depend on the internet for everything, hence, we decided to take a leap into online matchmaking. We understand how important it is for young people to find like minded and compatible partners.

We at Mana Marry matrimony are well acquainted with the fact that there are many words that define marriage - union, alliance, nuptial, wedding, so on and so forth! The list of words could be absolutely endless; however, the simplest way to explain a marriage is ‘two individuals decide to spend the rest of their lives together as companions’. But we for us Indians there is a small little twist in this concept!

We are the only agency that ensures a complete verification of new registered profiles. ManaMarry Matrimony is a genuine matrimonial site, that opens a new world for those who are serious about commitments and register with us for marriage purpose only. This is not a dating site, and to discourage the registration of fake users, we ask for a few mandatory documents and details to authenticate the profile of the new users. All new users are required to complete the authentication process before we make their profiles publish live on our website.

Complete Authentication

  • Aadhaar card or Voter Id or PAN Card or Passport verification
  • Phone number verification

To ensure the genuineness and authentication of profiles we have created this process.

How this process is useful?

This process helps us to check the different details of the new users at different levels. Uploading the identity document like Aadhaar Card, Voter Id, Passport or PAN card is mandatory for new profiles. Without giving this information you can’t move forward and register with us. Even to ensure this we also ask our users to login through their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, so that we can authenticate their profile. Even to check further, we have different tools to verify the other details from Facebook and Linked In profiles. We have created this cumbersome process for registration to ensure the safety of our users and make safe for all users.

Experienced relationship managers personally assists you in every step of the process, to find the perfect match.

How it works

  • An initial meeting with you to discuss your requirements and judge your temperament as our new clients.
  • A detailed in - house discussion among our team members followed by a meeting review and brainstorming session.
  • A comprehensive search through our database to shortlist appropriate matches.
  • Setting up the meeting between both families and mediating the conversation while highlighting the strengths on both sides.
  • Follow up calls with both families to convey decisions and recommendations.
  • Follow up calls Content will be updated soon.


Manamarry.com provides an efficient platform for materializing marriage relations by provision of offline platform to the relation seekers and their natives.

manamarry.com has proven its efficiency through closure of numerous search efforts to success stories ensuring the complete fulfilment of seeker’s as well as of their families unlimited dreams, expectations and desires on respective life’s only and supreme festival - marriage.